Couple who couldn’t afford to develop wedding photos take first look 60 years on

A couple who were too broke to get their wedding photos developed 60 years ago have finally seen them on their diamond anniversary.

Kath and Terry Robinson were a young couple counting the pennies when they tied the knot in 1961.

Kath’s £20 wedding dress and their £4.10 three-tier cake drained their savings.

And they had to borrow a friend’s car to take them to church and to travel to Wales on their honeymoon before Terry left to do his National Service.

They had the photographer’s proofs with his name over them, but sadly did not have any money left over from the big day to order them.

Terry, who co-owned a Jaguar renovations firm, was spending his entire £13-a-month income on the mortgage, and everything else came out of Kath’s £5-a-month pay as a cleaner.

She said: “We never had much left over.”

Now their family have developed the photos as a surprise for their 60th anniversary.

The resulting album was presented to the 84-year-olds at a party to mark the milestone.

Terry said: “We’ve waited 60 years for that.”

Kath added: “We had always kept the proofs.

“It was a surprise to receive the album and look at the photos after all these years.”

The couple were also delighted to receive a diamond anniversary telegram from the Queen.

Her Majesty wrote: “I send my congratulations to you on such a special occasion.”

The couple, from Humberston, Lincs, have sons Michael and David, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.