‘I face £15k bill after tenants trashed house and filled trailer with soiled nappies’

A furious landlord has been hit with a £15,000 bill after an evicted tenant trashed the property.

The house in Immingham was left in a state after the tenant burnt furniture, broke appliances and filled a trailer outside with rubbish including dirty nappies.

The doors of the property had been broken or are missing, and piles of rubbish outside had attracted rats to the house.

The area outside of the house was littered with beer cans, food, toys and used nappies, and the landlord says that the tenant did not put the bins out during the entirety of the time they rented.

According to Grimsby Live, the tenant had to fork out a staggering £15,000 to return the property to a decent state, along with the extra expense of legal fees to evict them.

Wanting to stay anonymous, the landlord said: “The toilet is leaking, and instead of telling me, the tenant placed bathroom towels around it which has made things a lot worse because the laminate flooring is completely destroyed.

“There’s nothing in the property which hasn’t been untouched.

“The property was fully furnished when I rented it out to the tenant and now there’s hardly anything left inside.

“You wouldn’t believe what it looked like before and what it looks like now. All my items were either sold on Facebook or burnt outside in a fire.”

He added: “The back garden is a complete mess because there was a heck of a lot of waste which attracted rats.

“The surrounding neighbourhood has complained about a rat problem.

“The tenant just left waste everywhere.

“I’ve been told they didn’t put the bins out throughout their stay which is pretty evident with all the mess. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

The landlord first tried to evict the tenant in September 2020, but this was delayed after the pandemic broke out and it became illegal to evict tenants during the crisis.

The tenant eventually left the property at the end of August 2021 but they did not hand in the keys, further delaying the process.

Last week, landlord was finally able to be free of the from hell after months of stress.

“Ultimately, I wouldn’t wish this to happen to my worst enemy. Either way, I’m going to have to pay for the damages whether I rented or sold the property again.

“It’s quite emotional and stressful – I’m very angry – but I have no real indication why the tenant would do such a thing apart from me asking them to pay the rent – which they never did.

“The biggest annoyance is that the government are on the side of the tenant, rather than the landlords. I’ve been through hell and I’ve felt it’s been out of my control because of the legal process.”

Sharing the impact the situation has had on him, he said: “It’s been a nightmare. I condemn what the tenants have left me with. I’ve received abuse and all sorts which really hits you hard.”